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Pics 2016
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PICS 2016

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CAR = Caught And Released

56lb conger
19th Dec - Andreas' 56lb conger
26lb ling
Mindaughs with his 26lb ling
33lb conger
1st Dec - Adam's 33lb conger
23lb ling
Mareo with his 23lb ling
13th Nov - John's first ling
17 & 20lb cod
Marius' 17 & 20lb cod
15lb cod
8th Nov - Gary's 15lb cod
30lb cod
7th Nov - Matt's 30lb cod
50lb conger
4th Nov - Paul's 50lb conger CAR
20lb ling
Basher with his 20lb ling
31lb ling
26th Oct - Shaun's 31lb ling
3lb whiting
Leon with his 3lb whiting
28lb ling
10th Oct - Steve's 28lb ling
14lb pollack
30th Sept - Tom's 14lb pollack
26lb ling
28th Sept - Lawrence's 26lb ling
Rod with his porbeagle CAR
28lb ling
28th Sept - Rod's 28lb ling
28lb ling
Lawrence with his 28lb ling
93lb blue shark
27th Sept - Ian's 93lb shark CAR
16lb ling
28th Sept - Adam with his 16lb ling
130lb blue shark
27th Sept - Lexie's 130lb blue CAR
16lb pollack
23rd Sept - Jabus' 16lb pollack
17lb coley
23rd Sept - Ash with his 17lb coley
14lb pollack
22nd Sept - Anton's 14lb pollack
14lb pollack
21st Sept - Derek's 14lb pollack
40lb conger
19th Sept - Jeremy's 40lb conger CAR
18th Sept - Nick's gurnard
!3lb pollack
19th Sept - Robert's 13lb pollack
13lb cod
19th Sept - Jeremy's 13lb cod
93lb blue shark
11th Sept - Stuart's 93lb blue CAR
21lb ling
30th Aug - Jake's 21lb ling
28lb cod
Richard with his 28lb cod
58lb conger
29th Aug - Steve's 58lb conger CAR
Annette's shark-bitten cod!
80lb blue shark
27th Aug - Rod's 80lb blue CAR
50lb blue shark
Darren with his blue shark CAR
18th Aug - Jack's porbeagle CAR
20lb ling
13th Aug - John's 20lb ling
23lb ling
13th Aug - Basher's 23lb ling
68lb conger
Barry with his 68lb conger CAR
13th August
13 Aug - Roy Holmwood Memorial
Basher's group
13th Aug - Basher's group
73lb conger
12th Aug - Dave's 73lb conger CAR
63lb conger
Colin's 63lb conger CAR
55lb conger
12th Aug - Barry's 55lb conger CAR
25lb ling
Kev with his 25lb ling
blue shark
10th Aug - Ben's blue shark CAR
blue shark
Mark with his blue shark CAR
11lb pollack
7th Aug - Woody's 11lb pollack
10lb pollack
Chris with his 10lb pollack
25lb ling
1st Aug - Steve's 25lb ling
24lb ling
30th July - Mark's 24lb ling
37lb ling
30th July - Scott's 37lb ling
24lb ling
Phil with his 20lb ling
Gorran group
Gorran group with some of their catch
24lb ling
Richard's 24lb ling
48lb conger
26th July - Rob's 48lb conger CAR
22lb ling
25th July - Roman's 22lb ling
22lb ling
25th July - Filip with his 22lb ling
42lb conger
20th July - Bob's 42lb conger CAR
20lb ling
18th July - Jeremy's 20lb ling
64lb conger
Kevin with his 64lb conger
21lb ling
18th July - Kevin's 21lb ling
35lb conger
14th July - Paul's 35lb conger CAR
24lb ling
14th July - Preston's 24lb ling......
2x24lb ling
....and with his second 24lb ling!
13th July - Barry's conger CAR
45lb conger
Roy with his 45lb conger CAR
45lb conger
12th July - Basher's 45lb conger CAR
34lb ling
Barry with his 34lb ling
24lb ling
12th July - A 24lb ling for Tyler
27lb ling
8th July - Bill's 27lb ling
40lb conger
8th July - Trevor's 40lb conger CAR
35lb conger
Guy with his 35lb conger CAR
brace of cod
7th July - Doug's brace of cod
17lb pollack
Kev with his 17lb pollack
20lb ling
30th June - Paul's 20lb ling
23lb ling
27th June - A 23lb ling for David
25lb cod
27th June - David's 25lb cod
22lb ling
25th June - Marek's 22lb ling
54lb conger
25th June - Piotr's 54lb conger CAR
32lb ling
Adam with his 32lb ling
26lb ling
25th June - Piotr with his 26lb ling
26lb ling
22nd June - John's 26lb ling
14lb pollack
22nd June - Keith's 14lb pollack
14lb pollack
16th June - Tom's 14lb pollack
12th June - Barry with his congers.....
12th June
.....both successfully CAR
13lb pollack
8th June - 13lb pollack for Simon
17lb ling
Keith with his 17lb ling
8lb cod
7th June - Stewie's 8lb cod
A nice whiting for Lee
13lb cod
5th June - Keith's 13lb cod
18lb cod
Doug with his 18lb cod
23lb ling
1st June - Sue with her 23lb ling
12lb pollack
31st May - Colin's 12lb pollack
25lb ling
30th May - Dave's 25lb ling
40lb conger
Roger with his 40lb conger CAR
59lb conger
30th May - Duncan's 59lb conger CAR
50lb conger
29th May - Krystian's 50lb conger CAR
29lb ling
28th May - Steve's 29lb ling
23lb ling
Stu with his 18lb ling
55lb conger
27th May - Verne's 55lb conger CAR
23lb ling
Stu with his 23lb ling
45lb conger
27th May - Mac's 45lb conger CAR
35lb conger
Tom with his 35lb conger CAR
24lb ling
22nd May - Luke's 24lb ling
20lb ling
Gaz with his 20lb ling
16th May
16th May - Kirsty's brace of ling
10th May - Angie's 12 & 14lb pollack
23lb ling
30th April - Pawel's 23lb ling
24lb ling
Marek with his 24lb ling
14lb pollack
13th Apr - Marcus' 14lb pollack
CFSA Skipper Award
CFSA Skipper Award 2016
cod & pollack
Yavos' cod & pollack
22lb ling
Nash with his 22lb ling
27.5lb ling
20th March - Ron's 27.5lb ling
20th March
A brace of ling for Sid
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"A great day's fishing on a great boat with a great skipper. Many thanks, John and Danny." click HERE for their film catching conger! -and HERE for another!

"At the age of 10 it was Sams first time sea fishing and after 4 hours on the Bessie Vee he loves it. The great thing with the Bessie Vee, other than the skippers knowledge of the best places to fish, was the speed at which we were out and fishing which meant we had more time over the wreck than would normally be the case. Having been on a 4 hour trip out of Weymouth a couple of weeks before I had not expected to catch anything of a good size but we had a great couple of hours and between the two of us caught several Mackerel a good number of Whiting as well as 5 conger. Sam was a little surprised after the Whiting when he pulled up a conger that was as big as him, it was a good 15lb. Great to catch so many conger on a 4 hour trip which with the skippers expert help were all safely returned to the sea."

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